A Letter from the Director

cropped-CSCR.logo1_.pngDear Supporter,

Citizen Science Community Resources (CSCR) is a grassroots organization of residents in Western New York dedicated to science-based activism for winning environmental health and justice campaigns. CSCR empowers people to investigate their air, soil, or water and use the power of scientific data to create healthier communities and a more just society.

In September 2014, Jackie James-Creedon, CSCR’s director, was cited with honors by the US Environmental Protection Agency by receiving the Environmental Quality Award for her leadership and citizen science work in the fight against clean air violations at Tonawanda Coke Corp, a local foundry coke manufacturer. During her tenure as director of the Clean Air Coalition of Western New York, James-Creedon’s work resulted in an 86% reduction in the benzene (a known carcinogen) emissions from Tonawanda Coke Corp.  This work also contributed directly to the company’s 2013 conviction oTonawanda.Coke2n fourteen counts of breaking environmental laws in U.S. District Court.   Because of these efforts, residents of Western N.Y. won back their right for cleaner air and healthier communities.

An important part of CSCR’s mission is to spread the word about this success story and empower communities in Western N.Y., and throughout the nation, to use the power of scientific data to create healthier communities.  Last November, CSCR attended the Community Based Science for Action Conference in New Orleans, LA to learn about cutting edge monitoring tools, innovative ways community members can partner with agencies and their own local government as well as examples of successful campaigns where communities were able to recreate healthy environments. This September we are co-hosting a regional workshop here in Tonawanda, with Global Community Monitor, to share what we learned with our community.

At CSCR’s local workshop, folks will have the opportunity to learn how to BucketBrigadeinvestigate their air, soil or water using inexpensive do-it yourself tools and techniques and how to use the power of scientific data to create healthier communities.

CSCR is seeking sponsorship donations from local businesses, organizations, individuals, and elected officials. CSCR has partnered with The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo, a local non-profit 501c3 organization to accept tax-deductible sponsorship donations.

As a sponsor of CSCR, you’ll be recognized as a champion for a cleaner and healthier environment throughout Tonawanda and Western New  York.   There are two ways in which you can send a sponsorship donation to CSCR:

  1. Download our Sponsorship Form and send in your donation. Proceeds can be tax deductible.
  1. Go to our website at csresources.org, then select the link “You can help by donating here” on the home page. Proceeds are not tax deductible.

To make our workshop a success, sponsorship donations are requested on or before September 1, 2015.  However, donations after this date are also accepted for our ongoing local advocacy.  All proceeds go directly to costs associated with this local workshop.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Thank you for your consideration and support.


Jessica Hendricks

Global Community Monitor


Jackie James Creedon


Citizen Science Community Resources




Please note, if you prefer to mail us a check, you have two options:

For Sponsorship Donations that require a tax-exempt status, checks can be made payable to “The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo”. In the memo write: CSCR Workshop Sponsorship.

By not requiring a tax exemption, we are able to put every penny towards our workshop!  If you are able to make a non-tax deductible donation, please make the check out to Citizen Science Community Resources directly.

Please mail all checks directly to CSCR at:


c/o Jackie James-Creedon

43 Wardman Rd.  Kenmore, NY 14217

Community Based Science for Action Conference