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Tonawanda_Cokec1b8e8-528x350Citizen Science Community Resources (CSCR), along with Global Community Monitor (GCM) is hosting the first regional workshop in Tonawanda, NY as a follow up from our Community Based Science for Action Conference this past November in New Orleans, Louisiana.  This workshop will be an opportunity for members of CSCR to share what they learned in New Orleans with their own community.  We hope to connect grassroots leaders to the broader monitoring network and share the tools needed to be successful.  Community Based Science for Action puts the power of scientific data back in the hands of people.

What We Need & Why We Need It

We need funding to pull off a great event!  We hope to bring folks together from the Western NY region and beyond to share stories of community based monitoring and community empowerment.

What we’re fundraising for-

  • A bus for the toxic tour
  • Refreshments for the conference
  • Conference registration
  • AND- we’d love to provide local travel stipends!

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Community Based Monitoring

AirSamplingCommunity based monitoring empowers neighbors to collect samples when & where they want to, and then allows them to use that data to advocate for policies that will help keep toxic air pollution out of their communities.

All around the country, we see communities living on the fenceline of toxic industry. Whether it’s a toxic landfill or an oil refinery, air pollution is coming across the fenceline into community homes, schools and businesses. Often, residents of these communities have very high rates of asthma and other diseases, including cancer and reproductive harm. They are plagued with chemical odors and acute health effects such as frequent burning eyes and sore throats.

Many community leaders devote hours of time as volunteer activists, advocating for a clean and healthy environment for themselves and their children. They often take time off of work to attend important meetings and reach into their own personal savings accounts for campaign expenses.

For over a decade, Global Community Monitor  (GCM) has been supporting community leaders like this in community based environmental monitoring with the Bucket Brigade, a specific type of community-based environmental monitoring.


Proven Success

GCM has worked with community members living on the fenceline of industrial pollution since 2001.  By launching the Bucket Brigade, residents are empowered to collect their own data- when & where they want to. This helps to identify toxic hot spots and eliminate gaps among government agencies.

For example, thousands of residents were impacted by the Chevron Refinery Fire in Richmond, California in 2012. The fire occurred outside of regular business hours and the local agencies were not available to collect air samples. Thousands of affected individuals rushed to the nearby hospitals, but without adequate air monitoring, community members could only imagine what they were exposed to


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